What Is a Good Warranty for a Rebuilt Transmission – Type of Warranty Offered For A Rebuild

What Is a Good Warranty for a Rebuilt Transmission – Type of Warranty Offered For A Rebuild

Thinking about getting a transmission rebuild? Before you put your new transmission to work, you’re interested to know: What is a good warranty for a rebuilt transmission?

If a mechanic had to rebuild and install your car’s transmission, you might be confused about what level of protection you have on your side. Ultimately, you should be offered some form of a warranty, which ensures that your transmission won’t break down as soon as you drive the car from the transmission repair shop.
First, it’s important to understand what types of warranties are offered with a rebuilt transmission. Many auto mechanics offer what’s known as a standard warranty, in which the transmission is guaranteed for 12 months, or for the first 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). This can offer customers some semblance of protection; however, some customers might want more assurance.

That’s why more auto mechanics are starting to offer a two-year, 24,000 mile warranty as a free standard (in other words, it’s available to you at no extra cost). Many customers prefer these extended warranties, as it ensures that they won’t encounter difficulties with their transmissions without getting some kind of coverage.
There are transmission repair companies that don’t offer warranties for rebuilt transmissions for free. These companies tend to charge as low as $500 for the first 12 months for the warranty. While this might not be the best deal for the first two years of the transmission’s life, it can offer you extended protection once the rebuilt transmission starts to get older.
Ultimately, a good warranty is determined by what kind of coverage and protection you’d like to get out of it. For example, if you’re looking for extended coverage, you might want to opt for a free standard warranty of 24 months, and then pay for extra coverage. If you don’t want to bother with the intricacies of the warranty, a simple twelve-month warranty might be your best bet. It’s important that you feel confident with the coverage you have.
Either way, make sure you have an honest conversation with your transmission repair expert about what warranties they offer, and how much they might cost. You should also ask what the warranty covers as well. This way, you can get a better sense of what your coverage might be, and whether it’s worth the initial investment or not.
Use these tips to find a good warranty for your rebuilt transmission!

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